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Let us use our local expertise to help you PLAN your best holiday ever.
FOR TRAVEL AGENCIES, your very own backoffice for planning vacations to Barcelona and Catalonia for your clients. We let you deal with hotels and planes and we focus in helping YOU to plan the best itinerary and the perfect activities that will delight your clients. We customize our advice to their taste. Let us save you time with our local expertise. And all that without costing an arm and a leg!

FOR GROUPS, helping you to sort out the details for a perfect stay that'll cater everybody's taste. What to do? Where to go? Will they like it?... stop! Let us help you to plan the perfect trip by sharing with you the best tips and advice and helping to plan a perfect itinerary that will meet everybody's requirements.

FOR CURIOUS TOURISTS looking for that extra bit to make your vacation a different and more enjoyable experience. Tired of canned travel offers? Been here before and want to do something different? We can help you. We're locals that passionately love our small nation and that can help you to plan an itinerary full of off-the-beaten path visits and activities that will surely meet your wildest expectations.

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